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    Strong Operations use Smart Information to save lives!
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    ECO-Run Module
    Reduce Fuel / Reduce Spend / Reduce Emissions
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Welcome The ACETECH ™ - Tomorrow's Solutions, Today.

The ACETECH™ Difference

ACETECH is a fully Integrated Vehicle Intelligence solution that provides a stream of real-time information which empowers YOU to take control of the operational performance and driver behavior of individual vehicles, and your entire fleet. ACETECH’s interactive cloud-based information is accessible through a simple, secure, visual web-interface. You can even receive text and email alerts on the go.

ACETECH provides more than just information; the system delivers insight that supports decisions for your day-to-day operations, as well as the long-term health and performance of your organization. Real-time vehicle and fleet information is captured by ACETECH Hardware Modules, sent to the ACETECH Cloud Server and integrated into easy-to-understand on-screen and printable ACETECH Insight Reports.

Why Choose Us

Our Mission, Your Goal


ACETECH™ is an effective performance monitoring and management system for emergency vehicles.

Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the emergency vehicle market, ACETECH™ will help you control your fleet 24/7 wherever you are – at command head quarters, on-scene or at home.

Simple and intuitive to use, ACETECH’s powerful on-board intelligence gives you ready access to operational data and insights that have been proven to help you: Improve the efficiency of your vehicles Enhance the safety of your staff Save on your emergency vehicle fleet’s fuel and operating costs Save time and manage maintenance of your vehicles more easily Prolong the operational life of your vehicles and assets.

Eric Gallagher   -   Ceo/Founder ACETECH™
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AVI - Auto Vehicle Informatics

The ACETECH™ Advanced Vehicle Informatics module combines GPS, OBDII and accelerometer data for a dynamic view on each vehicle at rest and in motion.

ECU - Electronic Control Unit

The ACETECH™ Electronic Control Unit serves as the hub for all of your vehicle's electronics amd lighting systems.

RFID Tagging

Our innovative new patented RFID tagging system ensures that all your ancillary assests are always located onboard your vehcile. If these tagged items are inadvertently misplaced, an onboard alert will sound.


The ACETECH™ ECO-Run module is an idle-management tool that eliminates excessive idling on scene. The module monitors battery levels and compartment temperatures and automatically shuts the engine off when they are at optimal levels. When the levels fall below set parameters, the module turns the engine back on.


The ACETECH™ WiFi AirBox module provides reliable broadband internet connectivity for your vehicle over a GSM/GPRS network.

Data Insight Reports

ACETECH™ provides more than just data. ACETECH™ provides information and insight to support decisions for your day-to-day operations. This along with the long term health and performance of your organization.

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